2013 – 2015


Wendy Watterston– Board Chair
Wendy Watterston is the newly elected board chair. We welcome Wendy and the dedication she shows to leading our school board.

Wendy is involved in the real estate industry.

Wendy has three children, her youngest two attend school. Wendy lives nearby and is very approachable.

Karla Browning – Treasurer
Karla was elected to the Board in 2013.Karla is married to Mark and they have two children, Jeremy, and Kirby.  Jeremy currently attends Musselburgh School.


Antony Boomer
Tony is in his second term as a Board member. He works in the travel industry and has a real passion for football.
Tony is married to Kath and they have two boys Alex and Liam who attend Musselburgh School.

Amy Griffiths

Amy has recently volunteered to join the Board of Trustees. She is a busy mum who has made time to support and welcome new parents and families to the school. Amy regularly attends the Parents Morning Tea Group.

Philippa Davidson
Philippa is married to Morgan, they have three children who attend Musselburgh School. Max, Jonty and Bianca.
Philippa is a nurse and brings fresh ideas and a practical mind to board discussions. Philippa can often be found volunteering for school trips or on the sports lines. Philippa has always been a supporter of Musselburgh School.

Lisa Switalla – Staff Representative
Our Board’s Staff Representative is Lisa Switalla. Lisa is an experienced teacher who is working with a New Entrant Class in the Junior School. Lisa is married to Paul and they have two boys Liam and Quinn.

Email: lisas@musselburgh.school.nz

Debbie Smith – Principal
Debbie has been Principal of Musselburgh School since 2009. She has been involved in education for over 25 years,  this is her first appointment as Principal. Debbie is married to Dave and they have two grown up children, Kendra and Reid.

Email: debbies@musselburgh.school.nz                                 


Karen Ratten – Minute Secretary / Exec Officer
As minute Secretary, Karen provides the Board with specialist secretarial services. Although not a member of the Board, Karen’s expertise is invaluable.

Email: office@musselburgh.school.nz